At 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday, members of Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) could have been sleeping in, but instead they spent their morning helping someone in their community. They teamed up with Restore St. Louis to help, 70-year-old, Ms. Stark. The team tore down a fence, cut brush, repaired wood on a 40-foot wheel chair ramp, and replaced ceiling tiles in her basement. After all that they went next door to her sister’s house and repaired the railing on her porch.

CSF teams up with Repair St. Louis one saturday of every month to help the elderly, the immigrant, and the widow. They have done many things to serve their community such as: raking leaves, building wheelchair ramps, ice salting, gardening, etc.

They never know what the day is going to hold form them when they show up to volunteer their Saturday but they show up anyway, take their task, and help those who need it. They do it with a smile and without complaint.

In a few weeks members of CSF will return to Ms. Starks home to power wash the wood, finish the ceiling tiles, will likely need to go back one more time to stain the deck and ramp when it dries out.IMAG0148_BURST002IMAG0122


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